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THIEN NAM SPINNING : from Spun Yarn to Smart Casual


In SansBorne Saigon, we mainly use the materials that are made in-house, in harmony with other well known local materials to create our beloved items. As a member of Thien Nam Spinning, we have a chance to be part of a premium group where the value of bringing higher quality to customers is implemented throughout the entire supply chain. This is shown through the use of premium cotton to create better quality yarn that is capable of being used to make high quality fabrics. This is all in line with our philosophy of “buy less, get more” where we aim to produce limited items with high quality and be long lasting.

We recently conducted an interview with INSIDE FASHION to give a better explanation of our group and our focus on delivering high quality products throughout the supply chain. Please click here to read the article to gain a better insight on what we are doing as a group.