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Customization policy

We advice our customers to please refer to SansBorne Saigon’s Customisation Policy information listed down below before making any purchase.  

Our products are based on US Sizing System in which size 00 – 0 – 2 – 4 – 6 is corresponded to the measurements showed in our sizing chart below. 

When making your order at our store or on our website:

1. For available products

- Customer can shorten the length of the product with no charge. However, for any other adjustment requests, such as make it smaller or changing the color of buttons etc, SansBorne Saigon will charge an extra fee of 20% on the selling price of that product. 

- Products can be adjusted 1 time 

- SansBorne Saigon will advice customer on how the product could be changed to accompany their request 

- The adjustment process normally takes 3 days.

2. For products based on customer’s own measurements or size that is outside SansBorne Saigon’s current sizing chart (with no changes in design)

- We will charge an extra fee of 50% on the selling price of the product 

- Products can be adjusted 2 times 

- The customization process will take 7 days.

3. For any custom-design products requested by customers (with the consultation given by SansBorne Saigon)

- We will send out a specific quotation based on the design

- Products can be adjusted 3 times 

- The custom-design process will take at least 10 days 

- We have the right to consider or refuse any adjustment requests that are beyond the advices we have given.

* Note: customization process will only be carried out once customers have made payment and will not be refunded for any reason.